Lunacalx's Commissions

(Updated 17 -nov-2023)

Terms of ServicePlease Read!

What I Will Draw!

  • Humans/Humanoid

  • Anthropomorphic/Furry

  • Animals

  • Robots/Robotic designs

  • Violence/Blood/Gore

  • Horror Elements/Aspects

  • Patterns

  • Landscapes & Buildings

What I will Not Draw!

  • Sexually Explicit Content (i.e porn, non-con, etc) Nudity/Nude ref exempt

  • Minor/underage/“cub”/child content that contains sexual or sexually explicit imagery

  • Fascist imagery, ideology, symbols, or subject matter glorifying these ideals

  • Content with racist/bigoted undertones, ideology, and/or messaging

  • Imagery contain bestiality/zoophilia and/or its glorification

  • Snuff (murder fantasy), Vore, or any fetish content

I reserve the right to refuse any commission, if I am uncomfortable with the subject matter or I don't feel I am skilled enough for the request.

Pricing (In USD)

Starting prices for art listed below. Prices are subject to change based upon the content, subject, difficulty, complexity.In addition to that work will not start until payment is complete. Payments will be done through either Ko-fi or Paypal (Ko-fi is prefered). Upon payment you are agreeing to my ToS in full.


1/2 Body$30.00
Full Body$45.00

Flat Color

1/2 Body$45.00
Full Body$60.00

Full Render Shading

1/2 Body$60.00
Full Body$70.00

Additional Pricing Info

Adding more characters will be an additional $5.00USD.Simple backgrounds will be less than more complete and intricate backgrounds. The cost of these will be dependent upon complexity.

Character Sheet References
Starting at $50.00

I also offer to do full character references for both humanoid, anthropoid-characters, quadrupeds and feral(animal characters). Complexity can vary as desired and price will be reflective of that complexity & amount of information wanted.I can make reference sheets as simple as a pelt design to as complex as having full designs, special features, outfits, etc.

Streaming & Chat Assets
Starting Price Varies

I am also able to make a variety of assets for people who stream, have a discord community or use chat apps like Telegram. Prices vary depending on what is requested or the kind of asset you need, and how many.

Comic Information & Pricing
Starting at $65.00

I do make comics which are custom and dependent upon what you want. These are complex and intricate pieces. Pricing for this will be based upon a per page basis.

Modes of Contact

The best way to contact me is either through my email or discord as the fastest response.LunaCalx#4565
[email protected]
~ Alternative Means of Contact ~
These are other places that you are able to reach me however, the ones stated above are the fastest and most likely way to do so.

Hello and Welcome to my booth for Silver Fang Virtual Con 2024! I am so happy that you stopped by to see what I have and say hello.
All of my con specific prices and available items will right here.
Contact information, payment methods, as well as my Term of Service (ToS) can be found below. Please note that payments are done through Ko-fi.

YCH Selections

Price - $30USD

Here is a selection of YCH pieces that I am willing to do for the convention. Each of these have been hand-made and drafted by me. All that is needed is a reference of the character that you want.Titles from Left to Right
Moonlight Silhouette, Wolf's Attack, Mortal Enemy
If you want specific color themes like the glow effect on the battoga, moon, or even the mist effects, please let me know.

Profile Picture

Starting at $10.00USD with $20.00USD(max).

Price will vary depending upon complexity of design as well as if specific themes or style is desired.

Character Sheets

All reference sheets will start at $50USD.Complexity or additional element can increase the price dependent upon how much detail is desired.

Commission Pricing

Starting - $15USD (Linework Bust)

Here will be the pricing for any general commission as well as some examples more can be found in my gallery section here. I am willing to do fanart, self inserts, cross-overs, etc.

Thank you so much for your consideration and kindness in taking a look at my booth!I hope that you Enjoy Silver Fang Con!